Released in 2022, a nostalgic/yearning, contented/loving collection of covers from folk, swing and standards shining the light once again on Hank and Claire’s luscious harmonies and clean instrumental arrangements. Guitars are spruced up with mountain dulcimer, baritone bowed psaltery, and even a banjo-uke. 

“Hank and Claire sing love songs for the long road, warming the heart with sweet harmonies and gentle guitar. This is music for romance that lasts.”  -Tom Rawson 

"Lovely work. When Hank and Claire sing, I feel like I’m sitting in a living room with friends hearing honest songs sung by people who put great love and care into their music.  Can’t ask for more than that.” –David Roth 

“To be wrapped in the comfort of these songs is like coming home, where you are never a stranger.  The beautiful songs, the harmonies, the instruments speak of love, longing and our true homes.  A treasure.”  - Linda Allan 

“Thank you for recording "We Danced." As I said about your video, you do a great job on it, as you have done with my other songs. I like your singing, your voices blend well together, and I especially like Hank's guitar playing which is vastly superior to mine.' –Bill Gallaher

As a  tight-harmony duo (with guitar, bowed psaltery, dulcimer, mandolin, and even a tuba), we perform songs from all over the acoustic world that will touch your heart or tickle your funny-bone.  

This 2014 CD expresses our sense of home: personal connection to a place, but also connection to this planet and its potential for peace and beauty.  We found these songs the way we find all our songs—when something we hear cuts to the heart of us, or brings a deep and satisfying grin.  And then there are Hank’s original gems…his own take on life that you can’t help singing along with. 

There is tight harmony singing—what we’re known for—along with an instrumental and two a cappella tracks. Roger Ferguson adds mandolin sparkle to two of Hank’s songs, and Mick Nicholson put down his stand-up bass long enough to toot his tuba for a re-imagined Tin Pan Alley number.  

"Guitars, psaltery, and dulcimer back the lovely lead and harmonizing voices. All clean, clear, and full of life--just like when you see them in person."  -Chris Lunn, founding member International Folk Alliance