Hank and Claire
Laurie Riley


Laurie graciously gifted us with this song. She wrote it for those who put aside hiking boots and walking sticks but still feel the alpine wind.


When morning comes to the Timberline

Glaciers glow with the new sunshine

Bumblebee hums in the columbine

That’s growing wild at the Timberline


Up on the mountain next to the sky

The whole world shines before your eyes

The panther prowls and the raven glides

They’re roaming wild at Timblerline.


Where the seasons greet the sun

Where the whispering waters run

Where nature turns her back on time

And daylight lingers at Timberline.


I’m growing old before my eyes

I look in the mirror and it tells lies

Where are the days when I could climb

When I was young at Timblerline.


I need to feel the alpine wind

Caressing soft against my skin

My heart keep growing like a mountain pine

I need to go to the Timberline.


-copyright Laurie Riley

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