It's Only Words

Hank and Claire
Hank Payne


Close as I can come to poetry. Someone in a song-writing workshop asked, “Don’t you think it’s cheap to offer your love only a grain of sand?” I’ll let the comment pass. Claire on bowed psaltery.


If you asked me for an ocean I’d give you a grain of sand

And tell you how your ocean washed it in my hand

If you said, “A salt sea ocean!” then a tear for you I’d cry

And tell you how your ocean washed that sand grain from my eye


It’s only words that I know

It’s all I have to tell you how I love you so


If you asked about the tide that tugs all at your shore

I’d pull you in my arms and tell you that’s what tides are for

And if you asked about the fishes that swim all in your sea

I’d say that you are silly, love, for there is only me



If I could wish across the ocean for all the treasure in the sea

If all I had was just one wish, I’d wish you here with me


-copyright Hank Payne

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