Blue Water

Hank and Claire
Hank Payne


Claire thought the original ending of this song was too melancholy and Hank graciously allowed her to add an alternate final verse. They’re both here, just after the guitar break. You may find yourself singing along on the chorus.    


Blue Water run down to the edge of town

Blue Water run deep while we're fast asleep

Carry us away to a distant shore

Where the pleasure stays and the pain's no more


A young woman got hurt and she left her home. 

She cried all night when she was first alone

She lost her heart on a rainy day

And she gave her love to the ones who paid 



A man took to drinking, couldn't quit on his own 

He lost his house and he lost his home

He lost the favors of the ones who cared

He could have come back but he never dared


Some people get lucky and they find their way

They soon forget there's a price to pay

They wind up thinking they made it on their own

And they're afraid to leave for a world unknown


Some other people get lucky and they find their way

To a life that blooms like a summer day

They face the fears of a world unknown

And they come to find they are not alone.


-copyright Hank Payne

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