Home At Last

by Hank and Claire

Released 2014
Released 2014
This tight-harmony duo (with guitar, bowed psaltery, dulcimer, mandolin, and even a tuba), performs songs from all over the acoustic world that will touch your heart or tickle your funny-bone. Purchase individual tracks or the whole CD.
  • 04:38 Story West Virginia, My Home
  • 03:14 Story Lyrics Going Home

    Going Home isn't easy, no matter how you try;

    It's sure a lot of changes are bound to catch your eye.

    I found myself in trouble and I found myself alone,

    But looking back I always knew I could have had a home.


    I was just eighteen when I struck off on my own.

    I took off like a bandit half afraid and all alone.

    It didn't seem to matter just where I planned to roam,  

    But I never thought I'd settle down so far away from home.


    Being here isn't easy when I long to be with you;

    Remembering the times we had and the things we used to do.

    It wasn't so important when I was in my teens, but

    Now I'm much older and this life is just a dream.


    Well it seems like everyplace I go and everything I do,

    Someone comes along who reminds me of you.

    I never met a single one I thought could take your place,

    With the laughter in your heart and the smile upon your face.


    -copyright Hank Payne

  • 03:31 Story Old Love
  • 03:21 Story Here Comes the Sun
  • 03:00 Story Lyrics Timberline

    When morning comes to the Timberline

    Glaciers glow with the new sunshine

    Bumblebee hums in the columbine

    That’s growing wild at the Timberline


    Up on the mountain next to the sky

    The whole world shines before your eyes

    The panther prowls and the raven glides

    They’re roaming wild at Timblerline.


    Where the seasons greet the sun

    Where the whispering waters run

    Where nature turns her back on time

    And daylight lingers at Timberline.


    I’m growing old before my eyes

    I look in the mirror and it tells lies

    Where are the days when I could climb

    When I was young at Timblerline.


    I need to feel the alpine wind

    Caressing soft against my skin

    My heart keep growing like a mountain pine

    I need to go to the Timberline.


    -copyright Laurie Riley

  • 03:30 Story Secret Garden
  • 03:15 Story Lyrics It's Only Words

    If you asked me for an ocean I’d give you a grain of sand

    And tell you how your ocean washed it in my hand

    If you said, “A salt sea ocean!” then a tear for you I’d cry

    And tell you how your ocean washed that sand grain from my eye


    It’s only words that I know

    It’s all I have to tell you how I love you so


    If you asked about the tide that tugs all at your shore

    I’d pull you in my arms and tell you that’s what tides are for

    And if you asked about the fishes that swim all in your sea

    I’d say that you are silly, love, for there is only me



    If I could wish across the ocean for all the treasure in the sea

    If all I had was just one wish, I’d wish you here with me


    -copyright Hank Payne

  • 03:07 Story Your Long Journey
  • 03:46 Story Lovers' Waltz
  • 03:14 Story Proper Cup of Coffee
  • 04:36 Story I Remember Loving You
  • 05:53 Story Fishing With John
  • 04:02 Story Music of Healing
  • 03:21 Story Home Is a River
  • 04:02 Story The Bramble and the Rose
  • 01:37 Story To My Old Brown Earth
Before we did our first CD, we joked about it being the ONLY one we might ever do, since we met and began doing this unexpected duo singing rather late in our solo lives…and here we are with CD #2 on the stands, a fourth wedding anniversary gone by, and a home together in the trees of the Pacific Northwest. What a journey!

From the moment we released Heart of the Matter and heard the hollers for another CD, we knew we wanted this new one to express our sense of home: personal connection to a place, but also connection to this planet and its potential for peace and beauty. The songs we’ve gathered here are ones that carry that message one way or another. We found them the way we find all our songs—by listening and paying attention when one of them cuts to the heart of us, or brings a deep and satisfying grin.
And then there are Hank’s original gems…his own take on life that you can’t help singing along with.

This album contains lots of tight harmony singing—what we’re known for—along with an instrumental and two a cappella tracks. Roger Ferguson adds mandolin sparkle to two of Hank’s songs, and Mick Nicholson put down his stand-up bass long enough to toot his tuba for a re-imagined Tin Pan Alley number.

"Guitars, psaltery, and dulcimer back the lovely lead and harmonizing voices. All clean, clear, and full of life--just like when you see them in person." -Chris Lunn, founding member International Folk Alliance

LINER NOTES (Maybe you’d find these fun to read)

1. WEST VIRGINIA, MY HOME (Hazel Dickens)
One of the folk revival’s birthing mothers, Hazel wrote this about her own state. Hank was born in West Virginia as well; no matter where you come from, we hope this speaks to you of home.

2. GOING HOME (Hank Payne)
Roger Ferguson on mandolin. Maybe you can’t go home, but you can never forget. This was my Dad’s favorite of the songs I wrote. We both put a few miles behind us before we settled down.

3. OLD LOVE (Neal Hagberg/Leandra Peak)
We had been together only briefly when we learned this for our friends’ 50th anniversary celebration. We grew to see that ‘old love’ is also a state of mind. The baritone dulcimer was a gift from Claire’s sister-in-law Mary Ann.

4. TIMBERLINE (Laurie Riley)
Laurie graciously gifted us with this song. She wrote it for those who put aside hiking boots and walking sticks but still feel the alpine wind.

5. HERE COMES THE SUN (George Harrison)
It’s a joy to pass along the delight of this timeless and always timely tune. Claire on bowed psaltery.

6. SECRET GARDEN (Carol McComb)
Jim Portillo brought this song to us and sings it beautifully—even sang it with Carol’s guitar accompaniment at PSGW. Claire’s heart breaks and heals again every time we sing it.

7. IT'S ONLY WORDS (Hank Payne)
Close as I can come to poetry. Someone in a song-writing workshop asked, “Don’t you think it’s cheap to offer your love only a grain of sand?” I’ll let the comment pass. Claire on bowed psaltery.

8. YOUR LONG JOURNEY (Doc & Rosa Lee Watson)
Many songs in the Appalachian tradition speak of pure and lasting love. We found this one in a 1964 Sing Out! magazine. It’s fortunate that our two crystal bowls happen to be in the right key.

9. LOVERS' WALTZ (Jay Ungar/Molly Mason)
Another lovely waltz from the composer of “The Ashokan Farewell.” We’re not surprised it’s now a wedding favorite. Claire’s bowed psaltery wants to be a fiddle on this tune.

10. PROPER CUP OF COFFEE (traditional with new words by Anne Hills/Cindy Mangsen)
Mick Nicholson on tuba. An updated version of a Tin Pan Alley ditty; the tuba was Claire’s idea.

11. I REMEMBER LOVING YOU (Luigi del Pupo/Tino Chumlavitch/Bruce Phillips/Priscilla Herdman)
Truly an example of the folk process in action: penned by Canadians del Pupo and Chumlavitch in prison; performed by collectors Phil and Hilda Thomas at the 1974 Spokane Expo; heard there and adapted by Utah Phillips; verses added by Priscilla Herdman. And now we’ve edited and condensed it into a three-verse duet.

12. FISHING WITH JOHN (Bill Gallaher)
Bill, a Canadian songwriter, read Chicago journalist Edith Iglauer’s book Fishing with John about her adventure onboard a salmon troller in the Pacific NW. His song beautifully captures her story.

13. MUSIC OF HEALING (Tommy Sands)
We learned this from a Tommy Sands recording; Pete Seeger sings the middle verse. The song speaks of themes close to our hearts: home, the healing power of music, forgiveness, and peace.

14. HOME IS A RIVER (Hank Payne)
Roger Ferguson on mandolin.
Hiking in the Olympic Mountains, I arrived very dehydrated at the Home Sweet Home shelter at First Divide. The meadow was miserable in the hot August sun, so I continued down to the Upper Duckabush River and made camp. The cold mountain water in the shelter of the trees was inviting and invigorating.

15. THE BRAMBLE AND THE ROSE (Barbara Keith)
A dear friend requested several times that we learn this song. It has a special meaning for us now and we’re thankful for his persistence.

16. TO MY OLD BROWN EARTH (Pete Seeger)
This song was included in a 1964 Broadside publication and several recordings, though it is not widely known. We learned it to sing in a tribute following Pete’s death in 2014—fitting, as he wrote it to sing at funerals. We echo his wish: And this our home—keep pure and sweet and green.

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