Time for an update.  Claire and I have been wading through the digital ether, attempting to get our stuff on the air.  In addition to the hatlc.com website, we now have a video on YouTube.


Prepping for the video

We’re also setting up a Googlegroups site for emailing updates and information.  You can opt out (i.e. unsubscribe) from the group mailing site, but just remember that it will be used for our Christmas/Holiday card mailing as well… just kidding… well maybe…

We were looking forward to needing a “roadie” someday to lug gear, tune guitars, and run for a grande drip and decaf mocha. Looks like we need a computer techie instead.  Too bad for my brother Skip… I know he’d like to drive the tour bus.

The video on YouTube is the Do-Re-Mi Healthcare Blues. Google the title or either of our names and look for the song or type  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCZ-zEAl9sA  in your browser.  It has been well received, going from 305 hits Tuesday night to 1360 hits Wednesday morning.  The comments have been very supportive of the need for healthcare reform.  One commenter plans to air the song on a community radio program in Moab, Utah, and the video has already been embedded in other blogs; all this before we even notified our friends and family.  Claire and I are both looking forward to performing the song with the original lyrics by Woody Guthrie when the healthcare issue is settled.  Let’s hope our Representatives get the message and and do the right thing for We the People… the ones who voted them into office.

Where to go from here?  Building repertoire, playing music, and having fun in the process.


Tobin at play

My three year-old grandson, Tobin, is crazy about Jack Johnson (and cameras). When I pick up a guitar he wants to turn on the Jack Johnson CD, so I’m planning on adding Better Together, or Banana Pancakes to our song list.  I’m open to other suggestions as well.  It will be a good discipline for me to stretch my rhythm skills on the guitar.  I like that stuff… Better when we’re together… hmmm…

Thanks to Toby’s dad Phil, for capturing us on video.

Have a great Holiday Season, and we hope to see you at the Wayward Coffee House on December 11.

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