Our concert January 17 was very well attended – standing room only in a space intended for about 80 people. We had to pare our playlist down to fit the hour slot but made sure to include a few pretty duets, some a capella mountain-style songs, a couple of cowboy tunes, and Hank’s song about healthcare reform, which we had deeply hoped would be irrelevant by now, but apparently we all need to sing LOUDER!

Claire and Hank in Everett January 17, 2010

 Hank gave me a wonderful CD for Valentine’s Day of a new project that singer/songwriter Linda Allen has just produced, called “Here’s to the Women.” It’s a tribute to the courage and persistence of the women involved in the suffrage movement with a focus on the people and events here in Washington State. You can get more information about this fascinating project and the songs themselves on Linda’s website, www.Lindasongs.com.

From Hank:  I had the opportunity to see Linda Allen at a house concert on February 7 in Everett.  Bob Nelson opened the concert with some commentary and ballads.  Bob has a wonderful bag of songs from years of collecting and it’s always interesting to see what he will pull out.  I particularly liked the the Mary Garvey song Steamboat Slough (“…build a boat, find a crew, and bring those salmon home…”), which is representative of her songwriting about charming, yet determined folks, whose livelihoods depend on fisheries, the economy, or other less than predictable factors.   

Linda Allen presented her songs in an oral history format. Did you know women’s voting rights in Washington State preceded the 19th amendment by a decade?  You can learn about this and more by attending one of Linda’s upcoming ”Here’s to the Women” programs, which occur throughout the State between now and April.  You will also have the privilege of hearing Linda’s heartfelt singing up close and personal in intimate venues including public libraries and colleges auditoriums.  Check Linda’s web site for details on dates and locations. 

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