The Everett house concert was a great success.  Our thanks go out to the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society, and the gracious hosts  who brought our music into their Everett home.   We are now looking forward to the Couth Buzzard concert this Friday in the Greenwood area of Seattle.  

The Couth Buzzard combines a coffee house with a used book store… two favorite places to hang out.  This will be an all acoustic concert.  That means we’re leaving the ten piece horn section, the drum kit, and our back up singers behind.  We will however, be joined by Jim Portillo playing bass and singing a few songs, and one of our favorite female vocalists adding harmony on a song or two. 

We will also be playing at the Cafe Noir in Silverdale, WA from 1 PM to 3 PM on December 18.  This should be good new for those of you who would rather fight the traffic through Gorst instead of Seattle.


The big news for us is that we received our completed CD, “Heart of the Matter.” One thousand of them were delivered yesterday in seven boxes.  


Neither Claire nor I have room to store these boxes, so our goal is to sell them off as quickly as possible.  The CD can be a Christmas present or a rememberance, as well as enjoyable listening.  We hope you will find a use for one – I know this is “shameless commerce,” but what can you expect from a fan of Car Talk? 

We look forward to seeing each of you in the near future, and wish you all a safe and Merry Holiday season. 

Love, Hank & Claire

NOTE:  Our new web site <WWW.HANKNCLAIRE.COM>, is up and running.  It will eventually replace or absorb this blog.  We hope you will take time to check it out for the latest Hank and Claire news.

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